Even though I spend a lot of time in Southampton, I’ve never actually written about it. Until now.

A little before Christmas, my significant other and I headed to a new burger joint he’d recently heard about, 7 Bone. Now, we’ve been to a few burger joints in London (Meat Liquor and Honest Burger, if you were wondering) but hadn’t really come across anything very similar further south. 7 Bone is the first burger restaurant in Southampton, basing itself on American Comfort Food. *edit* there is now a new 7 Bone in Bournemouth too!

Impressed with the decor and atmosphere, we already felt like we were on to a winner.


First up, we ordered drinks. Shunning the hard stuff (although they did appear to have a pretty well stocked liquor cabinet, with my new favourite Sipsmith gin) we went for a more traditional milkshake. I chose the Dark Chocolate and Steve ordered the peanut butter jelly option. They weren’t thick, malty shakes, but thinner, easier to drink, less like a dessert type milkshake. The dark chocolate had the hidden ingredient of crushed digestives added to it (I saw them making it) to give it a little bit more oomph. I wasn’t really fan of Steve’s PB&J but as shown in the picture below, he seemed to enjoy it.


Next, we chose the food. The menu isn’t huge but that isn’t at all a bad thing. They had a short but varied selection of burgers (as well as the daily specials), a pulled pork option and weiners. Accompanying these you can choose from fries (chilli or normal), onion straws (bathed in suitable IPA) or mac’n’cheese.


I decided on the recommended ‘Prince Charles is overrated’ and Steve the ‘Pete Green’. Rather than choose between fries and the onion straws, we got one of each to share. We decided against the mac’n’cheese, and it’s pretty good we did, as the portions were not small at all.



I was expecting a good burger and I really wasn’t disappointed. The fact it took more than 5 minutes to come told us it was freshly made and you could definitely tell on the first bite that they take their burgers seriously. Mine was plump and juicy, blending well with the bacon, cheese and ‘dirty spread’, made better with the brioche bun. It was a very filling burger but worth the effort. I’m pretty sure the Steve’s went down well too, his is the above and not one bit was left. We concentrated all our efforts on the burgers, so much so that the sides were left bringing up the rear. The chips were fresh but not out of this world and the onion straws were good but after one or two you couldn’t really eat any more.

So there we have it, my verdict on 7 Bone. Would I recommend it? Yes. So much so, we’ve been there again already. Now, I know it’s not exactly January appropriate food but if you’re going to go for a burger, you might as well make it a good one. And these guys sure are good.

To find out more and to keep up to date with 7 Bone, check out their site http://www.7bone.co.uk or follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/7bone_dive