It’s really fun to decorate where you live. But it can get pretty expensive. Especially when you’re looking at big money for just a couple of rolls of feature wallpaper for your living room.

So once the offer on my flat had been accepted I created a short list of great wallpaper prints from high-street stores to choose from. Being money conscious but not willing to skimp on style, I was pleasantly surprised by how many I came across, loved and bookmarked. I eventually chose one from the below,  see if you can guess which one I went for! I’ll include an image at the end.


Monochrome birch from John Lewis £24 a roll

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 20.48.46

Monochrome birch wallpaper from John Lewis


John Lewis Sanderson wallpaper £52 a roll

johnlewis sanderson

John Lewis Sanderson wallpaper


Seems palm print is everywhere at the moment and I am definitely a fan (got the pjs to prove it and all!)


John Lewis Grid wallpaper £15 a roll

johnlewis grid

John Lewis Grid wallpaper

I love this style! This pattern is a lot more subtle if you’re not a fan of the big prints. It comes in a few different styles and colours so could potentially suit any type of room.

House of Fraser Easy Cinema wallpaper £15.30 a roll

houseoffraser art deco

House of Fraser Easy Cinema wallpaper

I think this wallpaper is a bit Marmite. It does tend to make my eyes go a little bit strange but it also reminds me of the Great Gatsby, which is always a plus. For a feature wall in a big living room with white walls however, I think it would look fantastic.


Graham and Green Vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse £12.60 a roll


Graham and Green Vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse wallpaper

And for the kid in you, here is a vintage style Mickey Mouse print. I don’t think you could put this in any house but with the right accessories and style, it could really bring something exciting to a room.


Which one would you choose from the above?

Here is the one I finally chose for my living room! Did you guess right?


John Lewis birch monochrome wallpaper