December 1st is often just the start of another month for a lot of people, but for my group of friends it is officially the start of Christmas. And what better way to kick of Christmas than by watching Home Alone in some tunnels with mulled wine and fake snow?

Londoners are well aware of Everyman Cinema (the guys that do Screen on the Green) but this year they have excelled themselves for the Christmas period by showing a range of films focusing on the festive season (as well as a few old favourites like The Goonies and ET)

We bought tickets as soon as they came out, with Home Alone being the top choice for all of us. On the day itself we headed down a little early to check out all the other festivities they had arranged. We had mulled wine (natch), amazing brownies served with a mini bottle of milk and popcorn in cute little boxes. Their attention to detail was impeccable. We didn’t try the cupcakes but I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of the way they were decorated anyway.

There was such a nice atmosphere as we walked around. Lots of Christmas trees and woodland decorations. They had comfy sofas where you could drink your eggnog or mulled wine and even pizza and hot dog stands if you were peckish. The way they decorated the entire space is really impressive, even down to the toilets, they have put their mark on everything.

Whilst I didn’t actually try the below, I had to take a picture purely because I liked the font. I’m sure the actual experience of pinning a tail onto a penguin was enjoyable though.

Obviously I don’t need to write a review of Home Alone, we have all seen it (and if you haven’t, why not?). It is much funnier watching it as an adult though, provoking huge belly laughs from most of the audience. We sat quite far to the back, like the cool kids we are, and there was a child somewhere near the front who had just learned to laugh but was always slightly delayed,which made the audience laugh even more. Even the faint rumble of tube every couple of minutes wasn’t annoying (it did make me slightly paranoid the walls were going to cave in though, I’m sure that is normal)

It was a really great atmosphere and it made us all feel so festive. The piece de resistance though? As we left the screening they had fake snow pumping out so it was like we were walking into a snowy filled courtyard! This was so cute. For about a minute and then it started to get in your lungs and coat your clothes, so we made a swift exit. Points for effort though.

The following photo shows my 3 ecstatic dates in the fake snow. I don’t think they will enjoy this photo being on the blog though (sorry guys!)

If you get the chance to head down there before Christmas, I thoroughly recommend it. If not, check out what else they do here