Space NK haul


I’m not really sure a haul can consist of only 3 things, but then again anything from Space NK can be considered a haul as you always have to drop a certain amount of dollar.

Now, I don’t need an excuse to spend my own money as I am a grown ass woman but I did treat myself to a little splurge the other day, first because recovering from back surgery is not as fun as it sounds (does it even sound fun?!) and secondly because they had a pretty sweet deal of £15 off when you spend £60. Win win right?

I spent my money wisely and only bought things that I really wanted and knew I would actually use. First was the Aesop hand cream that I use constantly. Quite a bit to spend on a hand cream but I love the smell so much that I use it on a regular basis, something I constantly forget to do with other creams.

Second on the list was the R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray. I got a mini version of this in their free gift last year and have nearly finished it already, I use it pretty much every day. It’s great for someone who has such fine hair and needs a bit of lift to it. It doesn’t way you down and it’s not scrunchy like some sea salt sprays can be.



And last but certainly not least was the new Diptyque x Olympia Le-Tan limited edition candle. After getting a similar scent to this one for my birthday this year and loving the packaging I thought I would snap it up whilst I could. And I’m glad I did as it’s already no longer available to buy from Space NK. I know it’s a lot to spend on a candle but I get a lot of joy from it and I burn it only occasionally so it lasts so much longer. Candles are something I use on a daily basis in my flat so I enjoy having a few pretty ones around. And I always reuse the holders afterwards of course!


Here it is in action on its first day, it really is a lovely fresh scent, perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring.



And so with the Space NK deal and a sneaky gift voucher from Christmas still to use I basically got the first two items for free! And who doesn’t love a haul like that?