Winter is coming! Correction, Winter is here and London is feeling pretty nippy right now!

I don’t know about the rest you but when the cold sets in I batten down the hatches and never want to leave.

But… inevitably one of your mates thinks it’s a great idea to have a night out in the blistering cold. Nope not this year, I put my foot down and decided we were going to have a night IN.


But, this was no ordinary night in.

This November, Cancer Research UK are asking women across the country to forget fighting our way to the dance floor, queuing for the toilet, or standing in the cold waiting for the bus home. Instead they want us to get together for ‘The IN Thing’, Cancer Research UK’s new fundraising initiative that combines a great night in with the girls with a great cause.

The IN Thing is the perfect excuse to get together while raising money for Cancer Research UK’s life saving work. Hosts can set a fundraising target for their group and collect donations upfront or on the night. Invite friends, family, neighbours and colleagues and indulge in a fun event at home to help beat cancer sooner.

Who could say no to such a brilliant idea?

I can’t say we did anything spectacular, we put our feet up watched a few classic rom-coms, we tucked into some homemade cupcakes and just enjoyed the shelter from the cold outside. It was just what we needed, and all for a great cause!

CI - 1

*Cancer Research UK’s The IN Thing runs from 1st – 30th November.  Be part of The IN Thing along with thousands of women across the UK, and help beat cancer sooner.  Find out more at