I have a lot of stuff. Ask anyone in my life and they will confirm that I have hoardes and hoardes of stuff.

Some of it I need, some of it I like and some I just can’t seem to part with. What I don’t need however, is new stuff.

That was my train of thought towards the end of January when I decided to try and not buy any new clothes, shoes, bags, accessories or make-up for the entire month of February. What is also known as Frugal Feb. Some people go the extra mile and only shop locally for produce, only buying exactly what they need and ensuring nothing gets wasted. I haven’t advanced to that level yet.

But I have successfully completed my first ever Frugal Feb, buying nothing for the entire month. I even sold some of my old stuff so that technically puts me ahead right?

Anyway, what better way to celebrate not buying anything unnecessary for a month than by buying unnecessary things the next month? (I know that makes no sense but humour me)

Here are a few of things I plan to buy from tomorrow, March 1st.



ASOS Wiggle Dress. £42

I literally just saw this dress in a magazine on my lunch break and I have already bookmarked it so that I can buy it as soon as we head into March. It will be a great dress to wear with wedges and no tights in the summer.


Revlon Va Va Voom Lipstick. £8

I have been on the hunt for the perfect plum lipstick for a while now and I have read quite a few good reviews of this shade. I am quite a fan of Revlon lipsticks for everyday use so I’ll definitely be picking this up soon.

And finally;

calm down

Calm down bro.. t-shirt from thefancy.com

My blog partner Bryony and I will be purchasing one of these each tomorrow. We plan to run around London in them all summer, looking somewhat like a weird version of the 118 twins (without the moustaches of course)

So there we have it, a really shallow way to end my month long ban on shopping. Did any of you take part in Frugal Feb this year?