Cruelty Free UK Perfumes

I’ve found the switch to cruelty-free beauty and skincare relatively easy to be honest. Took a lot of research up front but now that I know which brands to use and covet it isn’t scary at all. The only thing that I haven’t yet purchased in my cruelty-free journey is perfume.

There was a lot less detail on the internet about this and whilst I knew that Lush et all carried CF and vegan perfumes, after smelling them they really weren’t my cup of tea. But then the wonderful Cruelty Free Kitty posted a blog about CF perfume and all my prayers were answered!

She has put together an amazing, comprehensive list on all the brands you can buy if you follow a CF lifestyle. Now I’m obviously not going to post the list verbatim here (that would be weird and probably considered plagiarism) but what I am going to do is list a couple of brands that are available in the UK.

First up, one that I didn’t even know myself – Diptyque! I am so, so pleased to know this is CF, they are definitely a bit of an expensive perfume but well worth it. I’m excited to go and smell all the options, Space NK will be getting a very long visit from me in the future. Here are a couple that take my fancy online though.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 23.29.07

Diptyqye Geranium Odorata

 DIPTYQUE cruelty free perfume

Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Parfum

Penhaligon’s is another brand that I’d often heard a lot about but never tried. Again, they are quite pricey but something to treat yourself with.

penhaligons cruelty free perfume

Penhaligons Vaara perfume

And finally it’s non other than good old Marks and Spencer. I had previously tweeted them to ask if their perfume was cruelty free, which they confirmed, but I’d not gone in to have a look for myself. I happened to be in there last week, walked past the Rosie for Autograph stand and gave a couple of bottles a spritz. I walked away but double backed to check the packing and what do I see? The leaping bunny symbol! I bought it there and then!

Rosie for Autograph cruelty free

Summer Rose Eau de Parfum

Let me know if you have any of the above or if you have any favourites to recommend!