I was recently invited to a cocktail making class by the lovely chaps at Southern Comfort so, not one to turn down a great offer, I pitched up last Monday to learn something new.

Held in The Arts Club, Soho, it was the perfect great venue for an intimate cocktail evening. As soon as we arrived we were given a refreshing Southern Comfort, lemonade and lime, the most popular way to serve the drink apparently. It went down really well after a long day at work. Once the rest of the attendees arrived, we were given a little history lesson on Southern Comfort and its origins – lucky I was paying attention as there was a quiz on this later on! And then, we moved on to the drinks.







The experienced mixologists made a range of different cocktails, showing us just how versatile the spirit is, and then we were given the chance to make our version up.

As you can see I took it very seriously.


Unfortunately, the bartender didn’t think much of my idea of mixing orange vodka with Southern Comfort so I had to modify it a bit. What came out was a slightly spicy cocktail, with a ginger kick. I wasn’t sold on it to begin with…


But, after a couple more sips I was hooked and quite impressed with my unique concoction. Here it is in all its glory, love the #whateverscomfortable cocktail stirrer!



Thanks to Southern Comfort for having me!

If you’re a big cocktail fan, you should create your own and enter the Southern Comfort competition where you could win a mug of your mug (yes really!) at http://www.southerncomfort.com/drink-yourself-uk