The first time I tried coconut water I thought it tasted like the water you get in your throat before you’re about to be sick.

But things change, and so do my tastebuds.  I persevered and now I am 100% OBSESSED with the stuff! It’s refreshing, tasty, and with most excellent rehydration properties, a can of coconut water is a godsend on a hangover. Those celestial celebrity beings go crazy for the stuff AND, recent science-bods have also discovered that the aqua d’big brown hairy nut beats other fitness drinks hands down when it comes to potassium levels.

The drink from the tropics has been marketed heavily in the UK recently (look how much Rhianna loves it) and a range of different brands can be found across most supermarket shelves.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, get some coconut water down yer gullet today! A few of my faves are:

But avoid this one AT ALL COSTS:

Tesco’s own brand of coconut water is frankly disgusting, largely down to the 1% of lemon juice they’ve added to the natural water. WHY?! That weeny bit of lemon juice totally dominates the drink and transforms the taste from the lovely fresh, creamy, sweet coconut goodness to a thin, tangy, citrus-fuelled disaster in a bottle. Sorry Tesco, but you got it very wrong this time.