It took us a while, but we eventually made it to Meat Liquor.

After resisting the hype for this long, we finally headed over to taste what had been described ‘the best burgers in London’.

We’d heard that you can end up waiting up to an hour just to be seated so obviously we decided to get there as early as possible. That didn’t go to plan but we still ended up getting there for about 6pm and were pretty surprised to be 1 of only about 3 couples in there.

We started off with a few alcoholic beverages, served in trendy tumblers natch. I had the Donkey Punch, can’t recall what was in it but I recommend it.

We took a while to choose what we wanted, we weren’t about to rush this. I decided on the classic Cheese and Bacon burger and my hot date went for the Green Chili burger. We also got fries, onion rings and fried pickles to share. Here is what it looked like:


Nothing fancy like actual plates in this place, you get to eat off of a tray. To be fair, it doesn’t really matter.

I’ll start with a positive; those fried pickles were pretty damn good. Lightly-coated, they tasted much healthier than they actually were. And drenched in the blue-cheese dip, they were definitely the best part of our order. The fries were pretty average and the onion rings, in contrast to the pickles, were dripping in grease. The less said about them the better.

Now to the meaty (sorry) part; the burgers. They were…ok. I say they, I didn’t even try my date’s Green Chili burger, his lasting comment was ‘it’s much spicier that I thought it would be’. My Cheese and Bacon patty was underwhelming to say the least. The meat was actually pretty juicy, to its credit, but the bacon was close to cremated and it all seemed just a bit too dry. I had to add mayonnaise to it, dear readers.

So all-in-all, I wasn’t overly impressed. Maybe because of the hype that it had to live up to, or maybe just because they just weren’t as good as many other high-street burger chains. GBK you’ve got nothing to worry about my friend. 3 out of 5.


To finish, we leave you with a dodgy, inside picture of the decor. Possibly one of the worst photos to ever be taken. You’re welcome.