In what could be described as the mother of all #firstworldproblems, I am finding it really hard to pick a sofa for my new place.


I have been lusting after the above since I first started looking for sofa living room ideas. It’s the Halston 3 seater corner sofa from I love the colour and I did love the idea of having the extended part for weekend lounging in my pj’s watching Scandal. But realistically, I don’t think a corner sofa works when it will be the only place where everyone can sit. So if I go for this one, it will probably be the standard 3 seater.


orson - made

Orson 3 seater sofa –


Next up on the list is the Orson 3 seater. How sexy is this? I think it is such a classic shape and style, that would really compliment any room, without being too much.  One criticism however, from blog writer Lucy no less, is that the arms are pretty low. Which could be a bit uncomfortable I suppose. You’d have to try to see.

Which leads me on to the main problem of sofa shopping online – you need to be able to try these bad boys out. I would never and could never commit to buying a sofa that I have not sat on and potentially layed down on. This is the most important part! Luckily has a showroom that gets updated often where you can see their items in situ. I am actually heading there on Thursday to test one or two out!


But my other option in online sofa destinations is I came across the website by luck recently and was really impressed by their offering. Similar to Made, they also have a showroom but it is based in South Wales so not a great location for a London-ite like myself.

I really like the look of their Florence sofa. Again, it’s a classic shape, and I really like that it doesn’t go all the way to the floor. The great thing about these guys is there is such a huge range of colours and fabrics, you can really make your choice your own.


Below is the Florence 3 seater. And whilst I probably wouldn’t go with the white/cream choice myself, it does look great with the forrest green wall and monochrome accessories.

florence sofa-

Florence sofa –


So as you can see, it really is a tough choice to make. Which option would you go for?