Whilst I know this is a London based blog, that doesn’t mean we don’t venture further afield from time to time.

A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I headed to Portsmouth for a little day trip. Having both gone to university there, it was nice to revisit our old haunts and see how things had changed in the last 5 years. First off we headed down to Albert Road and decided to have a spot of lunch in The Garage Lounge.


If you’re at all familiar with Portsmouth, you will know that this location used to be a tyre shop (hence the name). It has been transformed into a lovely cafe and coffee shop, which it makes a welcome change to what was on offer in my university days!


The decoration inside is very eclectic; big cabinets full of cake, a thick mahogany bar acts as the counter and all the tables and chairs are wonderfully mismatched. It is more like a junk shop than a cafe.


Serving juice in old fashioned containers such as the below is a sure-fire way to get people to try them (we both had one, in case you were wondering)


Food wise, they have a great selection of sandwiches (served on a board natch) and salads. I went for a beef and onion ciabatta and it was fantastic.


It was a great little place for a relaxing light lunch. I would go again just for the decor alone! Check out the bathroom…



Obligatory mirror shot (obvs)

The Garage Lounge,
1 Albert Road,