I very rarely read Stylist (I don’t think I am their target market really). But this week, on a very cramped and sweaty tube I picked up a copy to pass the time as I headed home. Their travel section doesn’t usually interest me, I don’t have the expendable income of most of their readers, but a feature on a Victorian school house that has been converted into a hotel did grab my attention.


The hotel in question is Great John Street in Manchester. They say ‘the uniqueness of this hotel is in contrast to its former use as a Victorian school house, from the separate boys & girls staircases to its original roof top playground’.


The rooms have been exquisitely converted but still contain many of the original features of exposed steel bars, brickwork and wooden floors. This is the ‘basic’ room, the Baby Grand but still comes with a cast-iron soaking tub in the open plan bathroom.



How amazing would it be to take a bath in that glorious tub overlooking the rest of the room? Now, all I need is a reason to go there…