It’s Easter Sunday this weekend!! Whoop. And what better way to whet the tastebuds than celebrating one of our favourite gastronomical partnerships – chocolate and salt.

One Tuesday evening a few months ago we had a Collective Individualism blog evening round my house. I cooked and Sarah brought dessert – aka The Chocolate That Changed My Life:


Now we all know Green & Black’s make good chocolate, but they’ve smashed it out of the ball park with this one. IT. IS. AMAZING. Perfectly milky with a nice little hit of Anglesey sea salt. Yes, Green & Black’s, YES.

We’re also keen to give this one a try:

Mast brothers

Based in Brooklyn, NYC, the Mast Brothers are true chocolate craftsmen. After learning about their chocolate production ethos (and marvelling at the awesome beards) by watching this video, we love the sound of this Maine Sea Salt bar. At about £9 a bar, it’s definitely a treat chocolate rather than your daily snack, but if there’s any time to indulge in some special chocolate, it’s this weekend, right? Time to try and track some down…

And whilst we’re at it, we’re also more than tempted by some of these salty chocolate Easter Eggs:


Prestat Sea Salt Caramel Truffle dark chocolate Easter egg – £15

Hotel Choc

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Egg Sandwich – £8 (available at John Lewis)


Rococo salt & pepper easter eggs. Currently out of stock but we had to include them as they sound incredible.