After leaving University I never really thought I would visit Portsmouth much but it is becoming a more regular haunt for my male companion and I.

We took a trip down there recently to check out Pie & Vinyl, an establishment with a rather niche offering, on Castle Road in Southsea. Serving pie and mash and selling vinyl, it does appeal to a certain type of clientèle (namely music lovers). When we arrived, I was more than happy to just sit down and get a cup of tea, not being a fan of savoury pies at all (sweet pies are another story) but once inside I thought it would be a shame to go all that way and not try part of their namesake.


It is relatively small inside, I’d estimate about 10-12 covers so we were lucky to get a table. Once inside it is very easy to get distracted; the walls are covered with framed vinyl art and kitsch knick-knacks.




Once we had taken in our surroundings, we got down to choosing which pie we would tuck into. The food isn’t made on-site; P&V sell award-winning pies from Pieminister as well as traditional offerings from local butcher Buckwells of Southsea, that use only the finest British ingredients. We both decided on a Buckwells pie, staying loyal to our Portsmouth history. I went for Butternut Squash and Goat’s Cheese and my date went for Steak, Ale & Stilton (I think). We both choose the meal deal, combining our pies with mash, mushy peas and your choice of gravy or liquor (we both went for gravy, in case you were wondering).


Check out the mis-matched crockery. I especially love the green duck tea-pot and crested spoons.


For someone who is quite openly not a fan of savoury pies, I thought they were really nice. Piping hot, lots of filling, crispy pastry and all-round pretty tasty. The sides were as expected; fluffy mash potatoes and minty mushy peas; it was a deliciously filling meal. And all for £6.50, you can’t really say fairer than that.

Once our bellies were full of pie and tea (how very British) we decided to peruse the selection of vinyl in the back room. All the albums have been released within the last two years and they were alphabetised beautifully. I am pretty much a Luddite when it comes to vinyl (is that an oxymoron?) but the selection seemed pretty extensive and they even sold record players if  you’re keen to start your collection there and then.


Even if you’re not a fan of pie, music or vinyl, you should go just to check out the taxidermy alone.

If you are a fan of music however, P&V also host intimate gigs and showcases at their venue. The day we went, Willy Mason was due to play in a couple of hours. When a gig is planned, they just move the tables out of the way so music-lovers can get up close and personal with bands and artists. It is worth keeping an eye on their twitter for details about any upcoming gigs or special events.



I would whole heartedly recommend Pie and Vinyl if you’re a vinyl fan looking for a good meal, served by lovely staff in a great location. I’ll definitely be visiting them again in the near future.

You could even make a day of it and head down to the seafront to check out the amusements! Just don’t try your luck on the grabber machine, you’ll never win.


Check out Pie and Vinyl online here