Working for an interiors retailer you’d think I’d be bored of furniture, bored of upholstery and bored of thinking about what looks good with what in your home. But actually it’s turned something that was a casual interest into a semi-obsession. Even when I’m not working I spend hours trawling through the ‘home’ boards on Pinterest, thinking about the ways I can transform the four square inches of my bedroom and carrying out countless DIY projects (in my head) for my imaginary home.

So I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourite bits and pieces – even if it’s just so I can keep track of what colour I’ve decided to paint my kitchen walls one day or which pouf I’ve promised myself I’ll sew.

First up, I thought I’d look at prints – and more specifically the geometric trend which is adding a little graphic, urban edge to the industry’s current collections.  And it’s no surprise it’s going down a treat when there are shots like this floating around:




Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

west elm poofsA selection of kilim poufs from West Elm – they’re £192 each so I think these are the kind of DIY project I’ll be trying one day.

Giles rug


The Merida rug was designed by Giles Round and Andres Ros Soto – who once decorated the pillars of the Royal Academy with their characteristic geometric prints. This rug is from online retailer for £299.

Giant Wall HeartThis is a piece of DIY wall art by Oleander and Palm – another one of those imaginary projects.


What do you think of the geometric trend? Passing fancy or print heaven?