When most people book a holiday, they start to plan what activities they might do, what sites they want to see. Not me. I plan what I am going to buy to wear on said holiday, before anything else gets looked at.

These are just some of the items I am currently lusting after for my trip to Marrakech in June.




One – obviously good suncream is a must. It is already a sweltering 35 degrees over there so imagine how hot it will be in June. I have quite sensitive skin on my face so I have to be really careful which suncream I use. I have heard good things about the Dermalogica range of SPF so I have ordered this already.

Two – wedge sandals and a maxi dress is the best combination for a warmer summer evening. I already have a lot of maxi dresses, so these Zara wedges would fit right in with my wardrobe.

Three – beach towels are essential for any kind of hot holiday. If you’re on the beach you want to make sure as little sand as possible goes near your person (sand is overrated). And if you’re laying by the pool, one of these guys would be perfect to cover up when you go to get yourself an ice-cream.

Four – I’ve actually wanted this t-shirt for a long while, I’m just using my holiday as an excuse to buy it. I like nothing more than wearing a grey t-shirt and denim shorts on holiday so this will be absolutely perfect.

Five – I’m quite surprised I haven’t come across this already, seeing as I spend all my time on the internet. It’s a Holga lens phone case where you can change the colours and filters by clicking the wheel. What a great way to capture all those glorious Moroccan sunsets!