Sometimes, a friend of yours will say ‘oh this is so you!’ and you think ‘good god, no it isn’t, what must they think of me?’ and the following exchange will be very strained and awkward.

Other times, someone will send you something they think you will like and they are absolutely spot on. This is one of those times.

Enter Elisse and her (worthy) recommendation of  The White Pepper. The online shop of the East London brand, where they have ‘in-house design, unique vintage pieces and indie designer originals’ according to their Twitter feed. It kind of reminds me of a fitted version of Monki. It definitely follows the Scandinavian vibe that so many brands seem to be into at the moment. And as I am quite a big fan of midi and maxi length dresses which are prolific on their site, I immediately started putting together a wishlist of what I would buy.

Here’s a selection of what caught my eye straight away but I would definitely take a look for yourself, there’s something for everyone!



Graphic Floral Dress. £55


Sailor Midi Dress. £66.


Animal socks set. £20. (who doesn’t love socks with animals on?)

They even do men’s clothes! Which actually don’t excite me very much and I wear a lot of men’s clothing, but still.


Vintage Navy Patch Jumper. £36.

Find more information about them at the following sites;