If you live in London you will know all about the craze for ‘Americana’ that just doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. You will have heard of the no reservation policies that lead to hour long queues on a Monday night for the ‘best burgers/ribs/steak in London’. In fact you’ve probably already been to the places we have been blogging about.

Anyway, we’ve got another one for you; Patty & Bun http://www.pattyandbun.co.uk


Another one for the list of burger joints in Central London, Patty & Bun is located just off Oxford Street near St. Christopher’s Place. Quite unassuming, you wouldn’t know it was there if it wasn’t for the queue of people snaking outside it.

My companion and I went on a Thursday evening so as you can imagine it was pretty busy. We arrived around 6.30 and joined the already impressively large queue. We were told the wait would be around 45 minutes but we actually ended up waiting for around an hour. But, it was fine. If you know you have to queue, you mentally prepare for it (as if it some massive ordeal – it was cold in my defence). Because we had waited so long, my friend and are already knew what we were going to order as soon as we sat down; we both decided on the Smokey Robinson – their standard burger with caramelised onions and bacon.


As with most of these places, the food came served in disposable packaging (I am beginning to dislike polystyrene SO. MUCH) and arrived surprisingly quickly. And to P&B’s credit, it was pretty damn good.

I feel like the next picture is a bit much? It disturbs me slightly but I couldn’t get a better one because I was too busy inhaling my food, so deal with it. This was the middle of the amazing Smokey Robinson – it looks a bit pinker than it actually was but it was definitely on the raw side. It was very moist, the mix of juicy beef with the cheese, bacon and onions proved to be a great combination. It was definitely one of the better burgers I have had in London. It was also a nice size, you felt like you were tackling a big meaty burger, making the hour long wait all the more worth it.


There wasn’t much in the way of sides; chips (obviously), coleslaw and chicken wings. We both had a portion of chips and we shared the coleslaw. They were…fine. Neither were particularly special to be honest. I don’t think I have encountered any chips better than the ones they serve at Honest Burger.

Even though the mains were more than enough we both decided to indulge in (the only) dessert; choc ices! Quite a cute idea for desserts, these guys came in a range of flavours; hazelnut, peanut butter and XX. We both opted for the peanut butter choice and we weren’t disappointed. It wasn’t a huge dessert but it was enough and a great palette cleanser after such a greasy burger.



So there we have it, a pretty glowing review for Patty & Bun. If you get the chance to go I would definitely recommend it.

Just try and go a bit earlier that I did yeah? Waiting around in the cold really isn’t as much fun as it could be (at least Meat Liquor bring you snacks!)