There are worse ways to begin a fresh and new year than a trip to Sri Lanka. Trudging to work with the mass of Christmas come-down commuters in a grey London town, despairingly gazing at your calendar willing an end to January (already), writing Christmas thank you letters, trying to part company with the Xmas bulge – you get the idea…So it’s just as well that Smuggins here spent the first couple of weeks of of Jan 2013 chilling by a beautiful lagoon on this perfect little island of treasures.

I’d been fizzing with excitement about this family holiday for many moons, and from the moment we landed in Colombo a couple of days after Christmas, the island did not disappoint. I’m going to let the professionals tell you in detail why Sri Lanka should be on everyone’s travel bucket list, but for me it came down to a few simple and beautiful elements – charming people, incredible food, breath-taking lush landscapes, all the tea you could hope to drink and…elephants.

It’s an Instagrammer’s paradise….


Breakfast view