I have always been a fan of a slogan tee. Add in a soft grey marl jumper and I am literally all yours. I came across Stay Home Club a little while ago (I think on Mademoiselle Robot) and now I am having a real hard time choosing what to purchase first!

Here is the aforementioned jumper, which looks so, so comfortable!

awful - stay home club


But then there is this tote bag. Brilliant for two reasons; the size of it (big totes FTW) and the fact that I am actually pretty boring IRL so obviously I think Boring is Best!


boring is best - stay home club

If you’re after something for the man in your life (or you again, there is no shame in buying men’s clothing after all) the The Worst sweater below would be absolutely perfect.

the worst - stay home club

Or failing all of the above I’d come out of my Buffy closet and buy the below. And if you would actually like to ‘Stay Home and Watch Buffy’ you can do it on SyFy every morning at 7am, like me! (doesn’t look like this one is on the website anymore :/)

stay home and watch buffy - stay home club


Find out more information on Stay Home Club here, here and here.