Baked Eggs

I haven’t always enjoyed breakfast. In fact in my late teens I actively avoided it. I mean why bother getting up for a bowl of sloppy grey cereal when I could spend at least another 15 minutes in bed?

Over a decade later I’m proud to announce I finally get it. Breakfast has become a celebrated event in our house, and I want to persuade you that it could be the same for you too.

It’s really easy to be creative in the morning. It doesn’t take long, it doesn’t involve hundreds of ingredients, and it doesn’t have to mean loads of dishes to wash (unless that is you like washing dishes then please, go ahead,  knock yourself out).

So first thing’s first, to ease you in with something a little bit different, I bring you Baked Eggs (or Oeuf en Cocotte if you want to be chefie about it). It’s a dish that takes 20 mins to prepare max.

What do you need?
Crème Fraîche
2 Eggs
Ham (optional I used serrano ham)
Cheese (again optional, but why the hell not?)
Salt & pepper

Any special equipment?
Individual baking ramekins, I’ve collected mine from Gü and M&S puddings over the years.

How do you make it?
Roughly whisk 3 to 4 tablespoons of crème fraîche with half teaspoon of nutmeg and salt and pepper for flavour
Fill the bottom of each pot with the crème fraiche mixture
Place small piece of ham on the top of crème fraiche
Crack egg into each pot, you want the yolk to remain whole (if you are worried about getting shell in the mixture crack into a separate cup first)
Spoon remaining crème fraiche mixture on top
Add a small amount of grated cheese if you fancy
Fill a baking dish with boiling water halfway, place egg pots into dish. Put into middle shelf of oven at approx. 180 degrees for 11-12 mins for runny yolk, 15 mins for hard yolk.

How do you serve?
With crusty bread, or some spinach, a pot of coffee and a smug look on your face. Well that’s how I serve it anyway, but feel free to experiment.

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